The Librarian

The Librarian

Scrolls with endless pages,
creates anticipation through joy.
Impatience is a patient companion,
in one breath I can see the universe,
the history and the future.

Libraries with books collect dust,
a library with scrolls collect wisdom,
that pours down like spring rain,
from the fountain of life-giving water,
where emptiness is an unfamiliar word.

Commas expect another story,
quotation marks read between the lines,
exclamation marks express significance,
but question marks are only questioning themselves.

Unnoticed is the fleeing doubt in wisdom,
Unseen are the misunderstandings in my sight,
for clarity is written in every scroll,
understood by even the smallest mind.

The key in my hand is held close to my heart,
I breathe in the unexplainable joy of light,
for this is the place where I belong,
this is the place where my soul becomes,
the librarian.

Halls of crystal gold

Halls of crystal gold

Halls of crystal gold,
imaginative to the naked eye,
swirl hues of purple and blue,
comforting me with holiness.
In Your eyes is the light of love,
surrounding me with Your presence.
As birds hover in the sky,
wings are like a warm blanket,
and the wind like grape juice,
on a hot summer day.
The feeling of being loved is a treasure.
Rays of gold light up my heart,
to embrace it with love and joy.
In Your eyes I am beautiful,
unimaginable are the halls without me.
A child in the arms of His Father –
I am safe within the walls of Your home.
When I look into Your infinite eyes,
oceans become rivers,
penetrating me with their energy,
rejuvenating me with an endless sense of peace.
Halls of crystal gold lead me to Your throne,
where sparrows nestle in Your lap,
and lions rest at Your feet.
How come I can see You so vividly?
My heart explodes with love,
making my DNA rain down on me like confetti.
Truth like a sword cuts through me,
awareness takes over my soul,
and in one single second I know,
You are the one I live for.

Halls of crystal gold

When a chapter ends a story

This is a new poem I wrote. I hope you like it!

When a chapter ends a story

When a chapter ends a story,
a swimmer dives from a diving board,
into a deep ocean of gardenia petals,
until the sun sets at the horizon,
and the night falls in love with the dawn.

The love of a hundred puppies,
is so much more than life alone.
How overwhelming the Light is,
in the midnight sky.

When a chapter ends a story,
the writer provides another book.

Love is free of charge.
Joy is a gift of undeniable love,
but receiving is a choice,
left for the receiver.

A silver heart necklace around your neck,
is a reminder of eternal gratitude.
And the postcard view of destiny,
a solid proof of Paradise.


A couple of years ago I sat down with Revelations 21 and turned it into a poem. The reason I did this is my love for God the Father, Jesus and Heaven. With all the visions that God showed me in my mind, the words of Revelation 21 are simply amazing. There is such hope and beauty in these words. One day God will establish a new Jerusalem where there will always be peace and love. Isn’t that something to look forward to?
That day we will all be living with Jesus and God the Father in this gorgeous paradise. Personally I can’t wait! This perspective inspired these words. And I hope that it will inspire you too.


 Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Dear city made of gold.
Your doors of pearl,
they shine so bright,
it’s more than can behold.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
descending from above,
dressed like a bride,
your mighty glow,
is bringing me God’s love.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
with gemstones you are dressed,
you give us peace,
We praise the Lord,
For He has made you blessed.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
No longer can we wait,
Let’s change our hearts,
and praise the Lord,
before it is too late.

Life is a classroom

Every now and then God gives me small pieces of wisdom, short poems and other messages. I treasure these words a lot. To me they are like diamonds, valuable and rare. On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page I share these pieces of wisdom because I believe that they can also be very valuable to you. Today I shared this one:

God our Teacher

Life can be difficult at times. In times of trials we often ask why God would allow bad things to happen in our lives. Things like a disease, poverty, divorce, losing a loved one or depression can not only take us by surprise but it can also shake our world as we know it. After I finished my study ‘Health Care’, after many trials and tribulations, I was only working for about a month, when I discovered that I had fybromyalgia. My rheumatologist made the diagnoses short and simple (in his eyes that is). He said, “Well, you do have fybromyalgia (like the general practitioner already predicted) and I have good and bad news. Good news is that, even though it is chronic, you can live a relatively normal life with it. Bad news is that if you keep on working as a nurse, you will be in a wheelchair by the age of 30”. Remember that I was only 20 years old when I heard this! I was all alone in that examination room! All the plans I had made for my life, just flew out the window.
All my life I wanted to help people and make them feel better. As a nurse I thought I could do that. It was something that fit me. But the diagnoses was like a huge earthquake that tumbled everything upside down. The following years would become a journey to search for a new purpose in life.

Looking back I was not looking for a new purpose but for an old one. Looking back I can safely say that God used fybromyalgia to bring me back to writing. Everything that happened in my life was God working towards His purpose with me. It wasn’t always easy. My life was a difficult journey that at one point at age 21, made me almost commit suicide. But God is a strong, powerful and loving Father, who does not give up that easily. God the Father took me by the hand and at age 25 brought me back to my calling. He brought me back to writing and reminded me of Jesus words to me, “How about a book”? Of course I didn’t understand how I could help people through writing immediately, but little by little I started to see a bigger picture. I am only 31 years old now, and many things are still unclear to me. But as life goes on, all the puzzle pieces will fall into place. Rome wasn’t build in one day and just like that you cannot learn all your lessons in life in one single moment. God uses all the years we get to teach us all about Him, His love for us and what our purpose in this life is. God takes His time to teach us the tricks of the trade, because love is patience grown by time.

If you see life as one big classroom and Jesus as your Teacher, you will come to understand that the internships and exams and nothing other than the trials and tribulations we experience in life. Remember what James said in James 1:12, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him”. And I guarantee you that it is worth the effort. Heaven is the best reward Jesus could ever give you! So don’t give up, take the internships and exams. Listen to your Teacher, Jesus Christ. And get that diploma! It is worth the effort!

The Choice

A few years ago God gave me a dreams about my choice in life. Before this dream I always tended to feel an obligation, to do everything other people were telling me. If someone close to me would point out a certain job, I would feel obligated to apply for it. It didn’t matter whether I would like the job or if it was God’s will for my life. If people had an opinion I felt forced, in a way, to obey them. Maybe this sounds silly to you, but believe it or not, many people feel this way. Especially young people. Dad says, “Become a lawyer”, and they become a lawyer. Why? Because we, humans, feel a certain responsibility towards our family. They raised us, so they must know what is best for us. But when are we going to listen to our own heart? In the process of being obedient children for our parents, when are we going to follow our own dreams?

We can certainly not blame our parents for that! Well, in some cases, maybe you can. But generally speaking you cannot. It is a lack of our own courage, I think, to break free from our imagined obligations, and become who we were always supposed to be. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I think it is a certain amount of fear stopping us. A fear of not being loved if we choose our own path instead of our parents. A fear of not being able to live up to the expectations others have of us. A fear of failure. A fear of not being able to accomplish something. The fear of letting people down. The fear of being ridiculed. Or maybe a combination of them all. What is really stopping us in pursuing our dreams and purpose? Why do we let the world hold us back?

The dreams God gave me were about exactly this. His question to me was, “Why do you let the world hold you back? Why don’t break free from  the world’s expectations”? With this dream God asked me to break free, in order to follow His will for my life. An intense journey that I am still fighting for. We allow the world to determine our choices in life. We are too afraid to be different.

In our fear of being different we allow the world to swallow us up. Our choices in life are determined by, what people might think about it. But God wants us to break free from this world. It is in our best interest to focus on Heaven and God’s will for our lives. God is our Creator and He knows us inside and out. He has a plan with us, a purpose for our life, that we can only follow if we focus on Him.

At the time when I got this dream, I had just taken a job. God had called me to become a writer, and even though I knew that writing was my purpose, I ignored it and took a job anyway. This was God´s way for me to bring me back to where I need to be.

Maybe you disagree with God’s will for your life. Maybe the job God wants you to take, you feel, is too much for you. I understand that. Many times I feel that this job is too much for me also, but then I am always reminded that God will not allow us to be tested above our abilities. You and me, we might not see it now. But one day we will look back and understand why God chose this path for us. God knows what is best for us, what will make us strong and what will nurture our soul. But it is our choice to follow Him. It is our choice to come to our purpose in life. A purpose God so carefully chose for us, to make us strong and loving people. You can chose to follow the stream of people and have fun, or you can choose to make a difference. It is a choice both you and I have to make.

The next poem is about that dream. I hope it gives you the courage to follow God, your dreams and your purpose in life. God loves you and He only wants what’s best for you, regardless of what other people want you to believe. Follow God, become your purpose and receive true joy and happiness.

The choice

A dancing procession,
sweeps me off my feet.
Jubilant with pleasure,
it takes me through,
the streets of life.

My hesitation is ignored,
and I am forced on a path,
where my feet cannot resist.
Even when my heart,
wants to flee with my soul.

Suddenly I am caught,
by a ray of gold,
showing me a land,
filled with the warmth of peace,
where darkness is no more.

My thirsty heart yearns,
to follow the river of life,
protected by the grass-green hills.
A narrow road,
in a valley of shadows.

Stretching my weakened hand,
I can nearly touch it.
Narrowing my eyes,
I can nearly see God’s throne.
But my choice will be His judgment.

To choose the land,
is wealth for the soul.
To deny the land,
is losing eternity.



Guardian Angel

Every human being has at least one. A guardian angel. A guardian angel is a personal angel that God gave you to protect you and help you. Psalm 91 tells us, “For He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways”. With He, the writer is referring to God. God tells His angels to guard us everywhere we go. Isn’t that comforting? Wherever we go, whatever we do, God commands His angels to watch over us. 

One of my favorite bible verses about angels is written in Matthew 18. In Matthew 18, Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven by presenting a child as an example. Only if we become like children, we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus goes on to explain this, and right before He starts the parable of the wandering sheep, He says, “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in Heaven always see the face of my Father in Heaven”. To me that is just precious. As angels guard God’s children, they are always in connection with the Father! To me this is one of my favorite verses. God is always with us and knows our every thought. He sends His angels to watch over us and He keeps contact with the angels continuously. God is literally in full control. God loves us so much that He is everywhere around us to make sure that we are okay. Isn’t that beautiful? But most of all, isn’t that hopeful! If there was once a moment where you thought that maybe God doesn’t hear your prayers. A thought that God doesn’t see you pain, then I hope that this verse takes that concern away. God knows you and sees you. He is there for you. Please believe that! Talk to Him and ask Him what you need. God hears you and He wants to help you!

There are numerous bible verses about God’s angels. There are many different stories of people being guided, protected and given a message by angels. All to give us hope.

Allow me to tell you two encounters I had with angels! The first took place about three years ago during a holiday. Me and my parents were going to a cafe to have a drink. There I saw a woman, I instantly recognized as an angel of God. It was just something I instantly knew. I could not stop looking at her because I found it so strange to see her. I kept thinking, what are you doing here? Besides, I remembered seeing her over ten years ago in another country. The funny thing was that she looked exactly the same, not a year older. With ten to fifteen years between two sightings,  I thought that was rather odd. It took me months to figure out her name but eventually God helped me to remember her. She was Muriel, archangel of God. She is the archangel of nature. As I was sitting outside the cafe, a few tables away from her, she suddenly looked me straight in the eyes. Normally when I am staring at people for too long, I get either a death-glare or a glare that asks me what is wrong with me. But Muriel didn’t. She gave me a smile that blew me away. Never before had I seen such kindness in someone. I could literally read the kindness in her eyes. I was blown away by it because she didn’t treat me like everybody else did. Her kindness was not of this world, it brought Heaven straight to my seat. After my parents and me finished our drinks, we left. Coincidently we came and left right at the same time. She disappeared after that. I could tell you a lot more things I noticed about Muriel but my blog would be endless if I would. That encounter however brought a certain peace in my heart that I didn’t know I needed! A peace that told me, “Everything is going to be ok”.

The second encounter was a little while later. It was night and I was basically asleep. Suddenly I woke up. Well I wasn’t fully awake. My body was asleep but my eyes were open. It felt like sleeping but with my eyes wide open. An angel of fire was right in front of me. She was made entirely out of fire. The fire was yellow and orange colored and it didn’t burn. There was no heat coming off of her. I could have easily touched her without burning myself. It is quite difficult to explain really, but I felt in my heart that she was an angel of God. She was also small. Not longer than half a meter long.
She kep telling me to wake up. She said, “Gineke wake up! Wake up Gineke, you have to wake up”! It took me a little while to realize what she was saying but quickly I woke up. As I blinked my eyes to wake up, she was gone. Why God wanted me to wake up is not fully clear to me, but I believe God protected me that night. This angel also radiated kindness and friendliness.

It is about this last encounter that I wrote a poem. With this poem I would like you to know that angels watch over you as well. God loves you and He gave you a guardian angel from the day you were born. This angel is always with you to protect you. I hope this will give you peace in your life. And the hope that love is always around you wherever you go. God never let’s you go. His angels are, on His command, always watching over you! Never forget that!

Here is the poem:

Guardian angel

A woman who floats on the wind.
Her fire doesn’t burn me,
instead it gently soothes my soul.
Our eyes are connected,
and for one single moment,
the world stands still.

My deep slumber is interrupted,
by the fire of her worried heart.
God child, wake up”!

In earnestness her fire lights up.
In loving worry her heart burns.
Darkness is lurking in the distance,
but the Light keeps my safe.

So in the stationary time,
where Heavenly spirits meet the earth,
vigilance is a shared reality.
And in one breath,
it sets in.

The dawn breathes,
the fresh air of life,
where nightmares can’t touch me.
But the morning hasn’t arrived,
and the moon still shows the night.

There under the stars,
the Lion guards with the Lam,
and me…with my guardian angel.

Remembering Heaven!

In the summer of 2015 I was on holiday in Austria, in a small town close to Innsbruck. This one day we were visiting Innsbruck and as we were walking through the main shopping street, we saw the famous swarovski shop. Knowing that the prices would be far out of our budget, we did not enter the shop but remained outside gazing at the window. Here in this window,  I noticed this huge swarovski diamond. A large round diamond, as large as a soccer ball. As I was looking at this diamond, I froze and said to myself, “Hey this is what Abba’s house looks like! Exactly this”! I didn’t say God’s house but I consciously called God; Abba! A word I hadn’t used before. Before that moment I usually called God; Father.
In an instant I saw God’s palace, in Heaven, in front of my eyes. It felt like a combination between a vision and a memory. I strongly felt as if I had been there before and I could vividly remember what it was like. As I was remembering Heaven, words came flushing through my heart and soul. I remembered every hall, stair and step. Every window I ever looked through. And the throne room of God. The Father’s throne in the middle, Jesus on His right and another throne on His left. On the left hand of God further away were 12 thrones that seated the twelve tribes of Israel. On the right hand of God also further away were 12 thrones that seated the twelve disciples of Jesus. I remembered the gold but also glass like material. I remembered light, love, joy and wisdom shining like a scented aroma throne the palace.
As soon as I came back to the campsite where we were staying, in a state of pure joy and excitement, I grabbed pen and paper and wrote a poem, in order to remember my memory.
Now I have to tell you that I never had a near death experience or anything like that. Yes God had talked to me before but never in His own house! There is no way I can remember Heaven unless I was actually there once. In the past I had a surgery when I was four years old, on my eyes, which I still vividly remember. But I didn’t have a near-death experience then. Things just went black and it was like falling asleep and waking up later. Before the age of three I cannot remember anything at all. And after the age of four I haven’t been in the hospital again. At least not for a surgery.
Even though I never had a near death experience, this was not a typical vision either, since I had those as well. I know the difference. Furthermore I was awake, standing on both my feet, with my eyes wide open, so it was not a dream either. I somehow just remembered!
In my heart I believe God was allowing me to remember this, so I could write this poem and share a little piece of Heaven with you. I can tell you that Heaven is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine. Every image you ever created in your own mind fades away by how beautiful Heaven really is. Sometimes I deeply long to go back there just to breath in the fresh air of love, kindness, joy and music! All I want to say is, that it is a place you want to be. And all you have to do to get there, is believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, who died on the cross and rose from the dead after three days. And I guarantee you that it is worth it!
Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the diamond. I was so stunned to see a piece of Heaven, or at least a reminder of Heaven, here on on earth that I completely forgot. But this poem is a memory of Heaven that allows me to go back every time I want to. When I read these words I find myself back in those hallways, walking around in God’s own house that I lovingly called; the Crystal Palace. And I hope it will do the same for you. I hope this poem will allow you to visit Heaven, dream about it, but most of long for it! And one day I hope to see you there!

Here is the poem I wrote;

The Crystal Palace

All the diamonds in the World,
cannot describe,
the house of my Father.
But when I look,
deep into the core,
of a large and crystal diamond,
I am suddenly reminded of Home.

The glass reflects the pure soul,
in a million different colors.
The many different angles,
show what’s deep within the heart,
reflecting the Light,
to all the corners of eternity.

Perfect unstained walls,
echo the joyous sounds,
to relive every moment,
filled with the love of the Light.
And every hall, stair and step,
lead to the throne of my Father,
who fills the house,
with joy, love, light and wisdom.

The house is in the diamond,
but even the diamond is too small,
unworthy to reveal it all.
But if my home is in my heart,
then my heart is in the home,
of the Crystal Palace.