The Colosseum

On a blue vespa in Rome,
the Colosseum stands tall,
in the dim moonlight,
and soft street lanterns.

The cobblestones move,
quickly underneath me,
and I wonder about lives,
that were lost long ago.

Full arenas in awe,
of innocent people,
fighting for their lives,
against hungry lions,
savage warriors,
to maintain the faith,
they hold so close,
to themselves.

I feel the heart,
of a lonely gladiator,
longing for freedom,
in an unjust world,
he might never see,
the morning light.

The longing for freedom,
has throughout the centuries,
never changed,
but instead,
simply passed on,
from one human being,
to the next.

And on my vespa,
in the dark streets of Rome,
I wonder,
when we will ever learn,
that for everyone,
the earth is a home,
where we deserve to live,
in absolute freedom!

The Artist’s Way

Lines draw themselves,
as the Spirit flows through me.
In one effortless motion,
my pencil moves across the paper,
as if it has a life of its own.

I look around,
to see the ancient clock,
where minutes pass by,
without making a single sound,
and I silently cry,
as my heart fills with love.

Unexplainable is the way,
of the artist’s mind,
coming to life on paper,
shedding a piece of her heart,
and painting it in the deepest color red,
between the lines of her fingers.

The existence of creativity,
has been here since the beginning of time,
And now it flows through the heart of mankind,
to show that God has been here,
all this time!

Turn the tide

Turn the tide

Blue oceans are full,
without spilling a single drop.
When the rain falls,
hail sets in,
a storm rushes past,
the dam breaks,
and the water floods,
I am swimming against the tide.

If only the tide could be controlled,
ice bergs would not melt,
a storm be non-existent,
maybe then we would survive.
But we only drown in low water,
on a blue summer day.

Where poor help the poor,
the rich prevent the rain,
to fall on their own roofs.
But mountains do not move,
if we do not ask them too.

The oceans in your eyes,
flood my soul until it breaks,
and in the water-reflections,
I want to turn the tide.



A journey

A Journey

In every age,
I walk the steps,
of golden treasures,
and silver plates.
Every angle,
is a broken reality.
a brand new day.

When eyes see,
a crucified love.
is an escape.
A creek holds,
a thousand raindrops.
My heart,
over a million tears.

interrupts the emotions.
block the communication,
and speech is an impossible road.
The restriction is a feeling.
Your eyes,
a bottomless well,
in which I drown.

The seal on my lips,
cannot hide the lostness.
If my eyes had a sound,
they would scream.
But however I bounce on the door,
I threw away the key.
Now my heart,
lost the connection with my soul,
the key in pure oblivion.

The centuries of time,
swallowed the light-years,
yet not the memories.
In order to breathe,
I need to remember.
In order to live,
the Light has to heal my wings,
but the pain is unbearable.

If only I could speak.
If only I could feel.
The flood of words,
would equal my tears.
The tears would show,
my broken heart.
Your heart would catch my soul,
and I would finally find peace.

is my road.
My road,
is a path of love,
on which I will find you back.
Our love,
is my strength.
This life,
a journey.

Between my fingertips

Between my fingertips

I still feel the soft fabric,
gently between my fingertips.
Your eyes are imprinted in my soul,
how can I ever forget Your gentleness?
Not a word has to be spoken,
our minds are one.
And as the Spirit draws us closer together,
our bond is still the same,
Between You and me,
nothing has changed.

Your brother love exceeds,
it is a heart without boundaries.
Never will Your anger rain down on me,
or felt in any chamber of Your heart.
Your teachings are my guidelines,
wisdom is planted in my mind,
where it grows out of love for You.
I walk the roads of this world alone,
but in heaven I look out for You.
More are You to me than a Savior,
more than all the Kings of the earth,
more than all my brothers combined.

I still feel the soft fabric,
gently between my fingertips.
Your brotherly worries unspoken,
Your love speaks louder than any word could.
Not a soul knows our connection,
or the bloodline that keeps us attached.
The memories hold my heart,
when the distance becomes an obstacle.
All I need to know,
when my soul returns home,
that the fabric of Your robe,
is still between my fingertips.


The Sunflower

The Sunflower

 The sunflower grows in the light,
but at the end of the summer it dies,
to bear fruit for the next harvest.

You ask Me why life crumbles,
but I ask you how the seed can grow,
if it does not first die in the ground?
The best treasures can be found,
after the most adventurous quests.

You ask Me why some people hurt,
but I tell you that the heart is against Me.
The ears don’t listen and the mouth does not speak.
Unreachable is the human soul.
Only the sunflower that grows towards the light,
will bear many fruit during the harvest.

You ask Me why time sometimes seems to stand still,
but I tell you that time is an earthly measure.
The seed is sown and the flowers grow,
but the seedlings cannot bear the fruit.
Growth requests patience,
and yet I only wait for the petals to unfold.

Why is your soul in such a hurry,
when everything happens according to My plan?
Why is your soul so downcast,
when I have set you apart from the rest?
I tell you, My light has been around you all this time.

Grow like a sunflower.
Open your unique, golden petals.
For your fruit shall be many,
and your harvest shall be great.
Let My light rise you up,
so the strength of your soul,
will be filled with pure joy.

My child, I see the sunflower in you,
and all I ask is for you to see it too.


During the first years of writing, from age 10 – 18, God quoted to me the poem ‘Within’. When I was eighteen years old I stopped writing because I didn’t have that many friends (I had only one friend, and that included all my acquaintances!). I threw all my poetry in the garbage bin, because I thought people would not understand my love for writing and it would only scare them away. I really wanted more friends and giving up my poetry seemed like a wise idea at the time. So I erased everything that reminded me of writing. Everything expect for this one poem. I felt that it was God’s poem and not mine. Therefore it was not up to me to get rid of it. So I hid it in an English bible where I would not find it for many years (I am Dutch and I have a Dutch bible also). Now I feel, it is the right time to share it with you. The only poem left from all my writings from my teen years. Carefully saved in a bible. To me it is a treasure and I hope it will be the same for you.


In a moment of calmth,
some peaceful time.
I feel You passing by.
Sliding through my hair,
I know You are there.
You touch me.
I feel the wind,
like a thousand roses.
I feel Your care,
You loving me.
Surrounding me with love,
greater than the sky,
and bigger than the world.
In the blink of an eye,
I see You passing by,
telling me that it’s ok,
and I am giving You my faith.
All the happiness inside,
can’t make me describe,
the sense within,
a feeling of love,
a moment to sing.
This is what I feel within!