About me

Called to a greater purpose

When I was five years old, God called me to write a book. As a five year old I didn’t know what to expect so I put the promise in the back of my mind where, for many years, I would forget all about it. At the age of ten I started to write, what I called songs, yet many who read them called them poems and I kept on writing until the age of eighteen.

Due to not having friends, I thought that my poetry would only scare people away, so I stopped writing altogether and I threw all my work away, except for one poem called ´Within´. This poem was literally quoted to me by God the Father. It is the only poem that I still have from that period in my life. The following seven years I did not write a single word. Looking back I am glad that God gave me these years to find myself. God gave me a chance to grow and for that I am eternally grateful. 

As soon as I turned twenty-five God brought me back to writing poetry and later on letters of explorations and teachings. It was only in the following years, when I recalled that one moment when I was five. To me, writing is my calling. Through my writing God wants to show Himself and His love for mankind. I am simply the pen in God’s hand. I write whatever He gives me. 

The inspiration for everything I do is first and foremost God the Father. My love for Him is unexplainable in words and I simply adore Him. The Father often quotes poems for me through the Holy Spirit. Jesus quotes poems for me too at times. During these moments it feels like He is standing right behind me. Everything I write is based on God’s words but also on dreams and visions that He gives me, bible verses and stories, nature, people and of course my own life. At the moment I am also learning myself how to paint. My first painting called `The Sunflower´ was based on a vision that God gave me. Painting is also a way for me to connect with God and to get inspired to write. 

My calling at age five is exactly the reason why I started this page. I feel in my heart this great need to share my work with the world. Not just by publishing a book but also in other ways. God leads the way. Through my work I hope to lift people up and show them God’s love and presence. I hope that people will be drawn closer to God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And one day, hopefully soon, that book that God promised me will be published. But whatever happens, I will always be a daughter and servant of my Holy Father. 

On this blog I will share my poetry, more details about my story, and my thoughts, feelings and life. I hope you will find love and inspiration in this blog and a closer relationship with God.

May God bless you!