What is worship?

Worship is putting a piece of your heart into something and dedicating it to Jesus. Therefore worship comes in many forms, not just singing worship songs. Worship goes deeper than that. What is your talent/gift? You can worship Jesus with that too! Everytime you do what you are good at, you can put a piece of yourself, a piece of your heart, in it and you can dedicate it to Jesus. That is worship too! For me, I love singing, absolutely adore it, but I am not very good at it. So when I sing, I get self-consience and I notice that I cannot put my whole heart into it. I am always a bit scared that an off key note is a bit too loud and it will ruin the song for others.  But when I write, I lose all sense of time. The world around me disappears and I am literaly one with God. When I write I can easily put a piece of my heart into a poem. All of my poems are, in a way, my worship. Even when God quotes them, I still put my whole heart and soul into it . I write because I love it but I also write for God. Maybe even more for Him than for me. When I write I want to make God happy with it. That is worship for me. I may not sing songs with my hands lifted to the sky but I do give my heart to Jesus evertime I write a poem. What is worship for you? How do you worship best? 

Worship (2)



Love is a heart on fire,
where passion colors the soul red.
Inextinguishable is the joy,
of a heart that knows how to love.

When Your hands hold me,
I feel safe enough to let my guard down.
Comfortable in my own skin
I play in a pool of  shallow water,
where amusement makes me sing.

Wherever I go,
You are with me.
Wherever I am,
You hold me tight.
Wherever I was,
is simply forgotten –
forgiven is the heart that lives in love.

You are my passion.

You are my anchor in the storm.

Your light guides me home.

Worship is simply a love song.




On the clouds

As my dad and I were driving down a mountain in Switzerland (near Luzern), we noticed this incredible view right by a parking spot. The clouds had descended into the valley. It was as if we were standing on the clouds. It was amazing. On the same parking spot many people were taking pictures and a small group of 4 people were recording a music video. The view was so special that it had to be admired. As we were driving further down the mountains, after we thoroughly enjoyed the view, I was so inspired that words automatically darted across my mind. As my dad was driving, I wrote the words down. The words formed this poem that I am sharing with you today. Enjoy!

On the clouds

My heart leaps for joy,
on the clouds of Heaven.

My heart dances in faith,
I sing praises to Your name.

My heart falls in love,
and our souls become one.

On the clouds I scream Your name,
in the echo I hear my own.

When my soul dances with You,
the clouds do not dissolve,
and our love lives,
an eternity.