During the first years of writing, from age 10 – 18, God quoted to me the poem ‘Within’. When I was eighteen years old I stopped writing because I didn’t have that many friends (I had only one friend, and that included all my acquaintances!). I threw all my poetry in the garbage bin, because I thought people would not understand my love for writing and it would only scare them away. I really wanted more friends and giving up my poetry seemed like a wise idea at the time. So I erased everything that reminded me of writing. Everything expect for this one poem. I felt that it was God’s poem and not mine. Therefore it was not up to me to get rid of it. So I hid it in an English bible where I would not find it for many years (I am Dutch and I have a Dutch bible also). Now I feel, it is the right time to share it with you. The only poem left from all my writings from my teen years. Carefully saved in a bible. To me it is a treasure and I hope it will be the same for you.


In a moment of calmth,
some peaceful time.
I feel You passing by.
Sliding through my hair,
I know You are there.
You touch me.
I feel the wind,
like a thousand roses.
I feel Your care,
You loving me.
Surrounding me with love,
greater than the sky,
and bigger than the world.
In the blink of an eye,
I see You passing by,
telling me that it’s ok,
and I am giving You my faith.
All the happiness inside,
can’t make me describe,
the sense within,
a feeling of love,
a moment to sing.
This is what I feel within!


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