The Sunflower

The Sunflower

 The sunflower grows in the light,
but at the end of the summer it dies,
to bear fruit for the next harvest.

You ask Me why life crumbles,
but I ask you how the seed can grow,
if it does not first die in the ground?
The best treasures can be found,
after the most adventurous quests.

You ask Me why some people hurt,
but I tell you that the heart is against Me.
The ears don’t listen and the mouth does not speak.
Unreachable is the human soul.
Only the sunflower that grows towards the light,
will bear many fruit during the harvest.

You ask Me why time sometimes seems to stand still,
but I tell you that time is an earthly measure.
The seed is sown and the flowers grow,
but the seedlings cannot bear the fruit.
Growth requests patience,
and yet I only wait for the petals to unfold.

Why is your soul in such a hurry,
when everything happens according to My plan?
Why is your soul so downcast,
when I have set you apart from the rest?
I tell you, My light has been around you all this time.

Grow like a sunflower.
Open your unique, golden petals.
For your fruit shall be many,
and your harvest shall be great.
Let My light rise you up,
so the strength of your soul,
will be filled with pure joy.

My child, I see the sunflower in you,
and all I ask is for you to see it too.

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