Desert Journey

I know I should be writing a blog about the New Year. A change from one year into another. Leaving the old behind and something new coming. But I rather wanted to share the following poem.

At the moment I am reading the book Exodus (Holy Bible, I am reading the Old Testament at the moment) and I remembered writing this poem a couple of years back. The poem is about the journey of the Israelites through the desert. From the Red Sea to the Jordan river. For a long time I wanted to write a poem about that part of the bible but I struggled for a while to find the words. When the time was there God gave me the words that I needed and I wrote this poem.

In a way it is about leaving behind the old and the journey towards something new. In our life we may all leave an old life behind and journey towards a new and better life with God. It may not always be easy but the Land of Milk and Honey that is awaiting us at the end of our journey is more than worth it!   Enjoy!


Desert journey.

The golden hills,
of yellow sand,
have turned the wilderness
into my home.
My bed is a tent,
and the scorching heat,
my blanket for the night.
I am walking the plains,
following a cloud,
by day and by night.

But my enemy became,
my greatest teacher,
he learns me to have faith,
and to trust my Creator.
For the Lord is greater,
than my enemy could ever be.
He brings me water to drink,
and food to eat,
to keep me standing,
on my journey.

My destination,
is in my heart,
with milk and honey.
My future is set,
my journey is endless.
Lessons to be learned,
rules to be remembered,
keep me going,
along the way.

The desert is my home,
a land my destination,
I am traveling,
from oasis to oasis.
Dreaming of what is to come,
I am following,
the Almighty Savior,
all the days of my life,
to the end of the world,
across the golden hills.