From the heart

On the news this afternoon I saw a piece about the Rohingya refugees. Unicef called for help because so many children in camps in Bangladesh are hungry, traumatized, sick and alone. In the footage they showed, I saw a long line of children. They all had a cup or a plate in their hands and a small portion of food was scooped on it for every child. This one particular little girl begged for a little more. Even though she was given a little, she was immediately pushed away. The helplessness in her eyes touched my heart. All she wanted was food but there was simply not enough to give her. Not even enough for one more scoop. This reminded me of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

When I wrote this poem, I had also seen similar footage on TV. I don’t know from which organization this was but that doesn’t matter! In the footage I saw back then, there was a little boy. Same conditions but then in Africa, I believe. The look in his eyes touched my heart so much that I immediately wrote a poem about him. And not just about him but about all the children around the world who are suffering. Whether it is from hunger, sickness, trauma or loneliness, there are too many children still suffering around the world. And not just children, but adults and elderly too. So many people who are living in totally different circumstances than me and you. For a while I worked for an organization called ‘TEAR’. This is an organization that fights poverty. My work was mainly administration but it felt so rewarding.

The reward is the help that you give people. Even if it is just a small gift, it makes a great difference. For a while I felt that my administration work didn’t matter that much, because I wasn’t helping anyone hands on. But little by little I started to see the difference my small contribution made. Today it is my dream and deepest wish to help people through my writings. It is the only prayer that I hope God will answer for me one day. Because when I see these children, my heart goes out to them and I wish that I could do so much more than I am able to do today!

Here is the poem I wrote:


 Your eyes,
pierce through my flesh,
like burning arrows.
I feel your pain,
and my eyes shed the tears,
that you cannot give.
In a moment of despair,
my heart breaks.
To read is unnecessary.
Prevention too late.
For your eyes,
scream the questions,
left unanswered.

Hope, I call you!
Compassion, where have you gone?
Give me the names,
of the helpless hands,
the eyes that closed,
and the mouth that didn’t speak.
For the Heavens cry,
and the angels shout,
but nobody heard,
nobody answered.

Bless the soul that sees,
bless the hero that helps,
but glory to Him,
who answers the prayers,
and leaves the selfish,