With Gentle Force

Finding my purpose in life seemed so easy. Jesus simply told me what to do when I was five years old (see previous blogs) and all I had to do was to execute the plan. But it was not that simple! 

Let’s be honest, I am not a bible teacher – nor any other kind of teacher – and I am not a fictional writer either. My speaking abilities leave to wishes – I couldn’t hold my first speech at age 7 and I unfortunately never progressed either – but I am great with one on one conversations though. I never went to a bible school nor a theological school or study of any kind. In fact I didn’t even want to be a poet, I wanted to be a nurse. Yes I received dreams and visions, my abilities to communicate with God were highly developed but I didn’t see myself as a disciple of any sort. So when it was time to chose my future after middle/high school, I chose Health Care. Helping people and taking care of them had a more charming appeal on me than writing poetry ever did. I finished my study and got a job very quickly but then it happened. I got diagnosed with fybromyagia and was advised to stop working in that field. 

After trying another study, a job at a local supermarket and two jobs in administration, I got very discouraged. What in the world was I supposed to do except for writing? You see, writing was not an option. I wanted to be a “normal” girl. I had no intentions of standing out or being viscible. None whatsoever. I just wanted to live my life in peace and quiet with my family and some friends and that’s it. But God still had a plan with me. Regardless of whether I wanted it or not, God had His mind set on His plan for my life. He directed every step in such a gentle way that one could easily call it; coincedence. At the age of 25 I finally, reluctantly, agreed to pick up on writing again. As soon as I did, a fire of passion entered my heart as I never felt it before. This really was what I was supposed to do. 

Even when I finally agreed to do God’s will, my battle wasn’t over yet. I still wasn’t convinced that I was up for the job. I cannot tell you how many times, I begged God to pick someone else. Someone better than me with more skills. And still God gently nudged me in the direction of writing. 

In fact He still does. I am still not 100% convinced of my calling but writing makes me so happy. I still doubt because I still don’t get anything back for it. I know that I am a good writer but it doesn’t put food on the table so I doubt. I doubt and look for other ways. But that little fire in my heart still burns too bright. God’s will is still stronger than my own. So I still continue this journey. The poem “Gentle Force” is about these struggles. The fight of finding your purpose and holding on during that journey. It is so easy to give up. Giving up is the broad road, the easy way out. But to keep going and not giving up is the small path. And it is that small path that will bring you much further in life. 

Gentle force.

Love shows directions,
but my feet weakly stumble.
The bird shows the way,
if only I would follow him.
Light shows the path,
but my eyes are searching for another.
At the crossroad of life,
I wonder when I lost my way,
and ignoring the signals,
my soul loses its destination.

Love shows directions,
in the lost signals.
The bird waits for its time.
The light waits for its cue.

When I least expect it,
wings of light touch me,
pushing me in the right direction.
When I least expect it,
Your light opens my eyes,
to see the signs in front of me.
When I least expect it,
You plant a seed deep in my heart,
growing me in Your light.  

Directions are found,
in the signs of love,
where it guides you,
with gentle force. 

Inside the box

In my life I have always felt that I was different. I felt as if things were never the same for me as they were for others. As a child I tried to blend in and as a teenager even more so. I never had the courage to stand out because I was afraid. Afraid that people would get angry at me. Especially as a teenager I was often excluded, laughed at and at times intimidated. Not just by my peers by also by adults. Trust me when I say, there are certain things that you will never forget.

So out of fear of being excluded, laughed at or hated, I would simply try to blend in. Even when this was not in line with what God would ask from me. God asked me to be a writer – a poet –  but for a long time, I would refuse. Even today I still have moments where I want to give up. These moments are often when people talk behind my back in a negative way and I hear all about it, or when people question me face-to-face. People can be quite convincing. And often I understand their point of view. But then there is God asking something different from me and I get confused about what to do. I remember this one time, when I told my mom: “Life is a battle where it is me and God against the world”. Luckily my mother often listened to me and she would support me in every way that she could. I could really tell her everything because I knew she loved me and I trusted her.

Yet many people are not like my mom. Many people talk behind my back and it is not positive. The prejudices and opinions they have about me are based upon their own insecurity. But still it hurts. Life for me is like living between two fires. The fire of God and the fire of evil. And it is a tough battle.

Still the fire of God is greater. My passion to do God’s will still exceeds everything else. For as long as I can remember I had only one ambition in life; to bring a smile to my Fathers face. And with my Father, I mean God the Father. If I could just put a smile on His face, I would have done the best job that I could possible do. In one of my dreams God said: “the only way that leads to eternity is the small way”. So even if it is difficult to do what God asks you to do, don’t give up. With God everything is possible and God will never leave what He once started. It is better to have faith in God than in people!

Today I wrote a poem about this. It is a poem about my story. I have a huge passion for God the Father, for Jesus and for the Holy Spirit. My love for God makes my heart burst, but so many have tried to stop me through the years. I may be a woman, I may have never been to a prominent bible school or theological study, I may not life up to people’s expectations but I know – with a 100% certainty – that God is greater than my circumstances. God loves me and He will make a way where there is no way. And if you are in the same situation as me? If you feel the same way? Than please know that God is almighty! He loves you! He can and will do amazing things in your life, that may seem impossible. Do not give up! Never! Think outside the box!

Inside the box

Inside the box,
the noose around my neck tightens.
Trying to settle in,
the small nook is too cramped,
and all I want to do,
is to leave this small space.

All eyes tell a different story,
but when they look at me,
all their stories are the same.
Stuck in prejudices and opinions,
war is either neglect,
or fight back.
Who will love me as I am?

Traditions are for keeping,
but not if they suffocate the soul.
When everything is the same,
we are in desperate need of change.
Evolving is teaching yourself to be better,
learning is allowing yourself to grow,
for growth is a never-ending story.

Inside the box,
where I am unable to grow,
I look out into infinity,
where God asks me to live,
in His divine library,
where His great wisdom,
will lead me to eternity.

The Weaver and the tapestry

Our place in this world is unique. Each and every single one us has his own place in this world. There is not a person to many or too little. Everyone is exactly where he/she is supposed to be. It is like a tapestry. Each wire has its own place and function but the tapestry could not exist without each and every single threat.

When one comes face to face with an approaching death within the family, life somehow becomes much clearer. As my mom is battling cancer (a battle she is going to lose according to the doctors), I start to reflect on my life more than usual. Questions like; what is important to me and what do I really need, are going around in my mind. Looking back on life I can clearly see God’s hand in everything. Every moment in my life was carefully coordinated by His mighty hand. Before I was born, my life was painted into great detail. Not a single color or brushstroke was left out. Every word was written down. When life happens, it is very difficult to see that you are a part of a great tapestry. Your life really matters! It is the moment when life comes to a halt that you start to see the full picture (or after something bad happened).

We have these moments in life when we look back over our shoulder and suddenly see the full picture. As if we have always been looking at the bottom of this tapestry. All we could see was the knots and chaos in the threads. Nothing seemed to make sense. But suddenly you get a small glimpse at what the other side looks like. You can see the Weaver create every detail in this enormous tapestry. Every color and every thread is handpicked.

To me it is very comforting to know that Someone is in control. God is the Great Weaver who has put all His blood, sweat and tears into this masterpiece. Sometimes the knots hurt. Sometimes we believe that the threads are supposed to be at a different place or preferably not there at all. Sometimes we believe that we could do a better job, if we had a say in it. But looking at the tapestry of my own life, I personally disagree. I could not have done a better job at my tapestry than God. Even though I have been hurt, I can clearly see how much God loves me. God the Father has never allowed a single knot or thread at the wrong place or the wrong time. I can clearly see moments where evil tried to destroy or put the wrong thread in the tapestry and God stopped it.

Looking at the tapestry of life, all I can say is, God the Father did an amazing job. I can feel His love in every thread of my life, in every fiber of my being. Life isn’t easy and sometimes it seems unfair, but I believe that God sees the bigger picture. A picture I can not yet see. Sometimes I get a glimpse but I can never see the full tapestry. Still I only trust God with my life. I only trust God with my tapestry because I know that He does see the full picture. He knows where I came from and where I will go. He has created me and wove me into a unique masterpiece. Whenever life gets difficult and all I can see is chaos, God shows me His love in numerous ways. I can always talk to Him and He always listens to me. His hand holds mine and He never let’s go. His hands hold me up when I cannot stand anymore and His wisdom guides me along the way.

Even though I cannot see the full tapestry, I can see the Weaver.
Even though I do not understand all the knots and threads,
I do know that the end result will be breathtaking!

When the future is inescapable

Sometimes I take poems or pieces of wisdom that come up in my mind and I turn them into pictures by using textgram. I wish that I could use my own pictures but I am not a brilliant photographer, even though I absolutely love it (so all credit goes to textgram!).
Anyway, today I wrote a poem called ‘When the future is inescapable’ and I really want to share it with you. I turned it into a picture which you can also find at my instagram and Facebook. I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you, gives you hope and fills you with love.

When the future is inescapable

Face to face with God

Many Christians and especially Christian Pastors are saying that a human being cannot see God and live. Last sunday in church I had to listen to these words once again. And even though I do not like to talk about it, I feel as if I have to. Because I saw God the Father face to face…and lived to tell the story!

Truly I tell you, I am not defending myself. All I want is to change people’s perspective a little. Because God is a God of love. He wants a personal relationship with people. That is why I am telling my story. Through this blog I am hand-delivering puzzle pieces of my life for you to put together. And whether or not you believe me, is entirely up to you.

It happened about two and a half years ago. As usual I was writing poetry when I received a vision from God. I saw myself walking at the hand of God the Father, Yahweh/Yahovah. We were walking across a path next to a forest and He was showing me things like birds and squirrels and such. As I was watching this I thought, Could I? In those two words I thought, Could I turn my head and see Him? Before I could finish my thought, in one bold move, I turned my head. To my own surprise I looked the Father straight in the eyes. I saw Him the way one would look at a photograph. He had white hair (platinum white, close to gold), a little like sheep wool and it went a little over His shoulder. His eyes stood out to me. His eyes were crystal blue and shimmering like the sun. His face had no wrinkles and yet I could see age in it. He looked young and old, both at the exact same time. His frame was thin maybe weak even. Yet at the same time, He looked stronger than anybody I had ever seen. Love was shining in His entire countenance. At the same time as love, I saw holiness and almightiness. He is literally all in one and one in all. And what surprised me most of all is that I could see a reflection of myself in His face. I saw the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth and at the same time…I saw my Father.

As the vision left me, I tried to write it down in poetry. But words can never truly define the Father. My words could and never will do Him justice!

Around the same time, perhaps a few months earlier, I ask God a question. As I have told you many times, I have been through a lot and I am still dealing with many things in my life. So I asked God one day, with all the honesty and sincerity in my heart, “Father, why did my life go the way it did? Why me? Why this way?” Immediately I heard God’s voice saying, “God’s daughter, daughter of God”. Even though I instantly understood what God was trying to say, I dropped the thought at once. Not me! Not I! But a couple of months later I had a vision where God showed me the way I look in Heaven. Again a couple of months later, as I was surfing the internet, I was looking up names and their meaning. I stumbled upon the name ‘Batyah’. The meaning of this name was, ‘God’s daughter, daughter of God. It didn’t hit me until exactly a year after I asked God my question. I am Batyah. It is a name/nickname that God has for me. It is the way He sees me! When He looks at me He sees His daughter. Not just any ordinary girl. What is very telling is that I have always considered myself a sinner saved by grace. I was a adopted into God’s family through the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nothing more nothing less. But here was God saying, “Yes you are, but you are also really my daughter. It got a complete new meaning for me. I wasn’t just one out of many. But for God I was His.

Like I said, I hardly ever talk about this. Probably more out of fear than out of humility. The fear of what people might say or think when I do talk about it. But I hope so much that telling my story will shift something inside your heart. I hope you will learn to see yourself as a true child of God. You are not just one out of many. For God you are His one and only. No accident but a carefully constructed plan by the Father Himself. He put all His effort, love and joy in creating you. You are truly loved. Don’t ever forget that!

May love guide your steps to eternal life!

Let me be

Let me be

Give me peace, Lord,
give me peace!
Let me be,
let me stay.
Love and embrace,
the creation of Your hand!

Let me be,
simply me,
both for You,
and for me.
Let me be,
Let me be Yours!

Let me be,
happy in me,
poor and free,
let me be,
me in You,
and You in me,
Let me be,
Always Yours!

Give me love, Lord,
give me love,
both for You,
and those around me,
Let me love,
Just like You,
Let me be,
Simply me,
Let me be love!


I wrote this poem a couple of years back and it still touches me, every time I read it. It feels like a caterpillar in a cocoon impatiently waiting to come out of his shell. I wrote it straight from the heart. And I think that every single one of us, one way or another, holds back. There are only a handful of people truly able to be who they really are for 100%. So I think it is a great message for all of us. It is time to crawl out of our own handmade cocoon and be the butterfly that God created us to be. Even when this is easier said than done. How difficult the road may be, or might have been, I believe there is always a way back to our true self. We don’t ever lose ourselves! Sometimes we just decided to step away for a while only to realize that who we really are was the best option after all. When you are at that place in your life where you feel like going back to your roots, let me encourage you! Don’t hesitate and don’t let fear stop you. And if necessary, allow someone to help you (a family member, a friend, someone from church, a team mate from your sport club or a therapist). Together you are always stronger than alone. And other people might have a view that you haven’t seen yet.

Let Love be your guidance!

Life is a classroom

Every now and then God gives me small pieces of wisdom, short poems and other messages. I treasure these words a lot. To me they are like diamonds, valuable and rare. On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page I share these pieces of wisdom because I believe that they can also be very valuable to you. Today I shared this one:

God our Teacher

Life can be difficult at times. In times of trials we often ask why God would allow bad things to happen in our lives. Things like a disease, poverty, divorce, losing a loved one or depression can not only take us by surprise but it can also shake our world as we know it. After I finished my study ‘Health Care’, after many trials and tribulations, I was only working for about a month, when I discovered that I had fybromyalgia. My rheumatologist made the diagnoses short and simple (in his eyes that is). He said, “Well, you do have fybromyalgia (like the general practitioner already predicted) and I have good and bad news. Good news is that, even though it is chronic, you can live a relatively normal life with it. Bad news is that if you keep on working as a nurse, you will be in a wheelchair by the age of 30”. Remember that I was only 20 years old when I heard this! I was all alone in that examination room! All the plans I had made for my life, just flew out the window.
All my life I wanted to help people and make them feel better. As a nurse I thought I could do that. It was something that fit me. But the diagnoses was like a huge earthquake that tumbled everything upside down. The following years would become a journey to search for a new purpose in life.

Looking back I was not looking for a new purpose but for an old one. Looking back I can safely say that God used fybromyalgia to bring me back to writing. Everything that happened in my life was God working towards His purpose with me. It wasn’t always easy. My life was a difficult journey that at one point at age 21, made me almost commit suicide. But God is a strong, powerful and loving Father, who does not give up that easily. God the Father took me by the hand and at age 25 brought me back to my calling. He brought me back to writing and reminded me of Jesus words to me, “How about a book”? Of course I didn’t understand how I could help people through writing immediately, but little by little I started to see a bigger picture. I am only 31 years old now, and many things are still unclear to me. But as life goes on, all the puzzle pieces will fall into place. Rome wasn’t build in one day and just like that you cannot learn all your lessons in life in one single moment. God uses all the years we get to teach us all about Him, His love for us and what our purpose in this life is. God takes His time to teach us the tricks of the trade, because love is patience grown by time.

If you see life as one big classroom and Jesus as your Teacher, you will come to understand that the internships and exams and nothing other than the trials and tribulations we experience in life. Remember what James said in James 1:12, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him”. And I guarantee you that it is worth the effort. Heaven is the best reward Jesus could ever give you! So don’t give up, take the internships and exams. Listen to your Teacher, Jesus Christ. And get that diploma! It is worth the effort!

The Choice

A few years ago God gave me a dreams about my choice in life. Before this dream I always tended to feel an obligation, to do everything other people were telling me. If someone close to me would point out a certain job, I would feel obligated to apply for it. It didn’t matter whether I would like the job or if it was God’s will for my life. If people had an opinion I felt forced, in a way, to obey them. Maybe this sounds silly to you, but believe it or not, many people feel this way. Especially young people. Dad says, “Become a lawyer”, and they become a lawyer. Why? Because we, humans, feel a certain responsibility towards our family. They raised us, so they must know what is best for us. But when are we going to listen to our own heart? In the process of being obedient children for our parents, when are we going to follow our own dreams?

We can certainly not blame our parents for that! Well, in some cases, maybe you can. But generally speaking you cannot. It is a lack of our own courage, I think, to break free from our imagined obligations, and become who we were always supposed to be. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I think it is a certain amount of fear stopping us. A fear of not being loved if we choose our own path instead of our parents. A fear of not being able to live up to the expectations others have of us. A fear of failure. A fear of not being able to accomplish something. The fear of letting people down. The fear of being ridiculed. Or maybe a combination of them all. What is really stopping us in pursuing our dreams and purpose? Why do we let the world hold us back?

The dreams God gave me were about exactly this. His question to me was, “Why do you let the world hold you back? Why don’t break free from  the world’s expectations”? With this dream God asked me to break free, in order to follow His will for my life. An intense journey that I am still fighting for. We allow the world to determine our choices in life. We are too afraid to be different.

In our fear of being different we allow the world to swallow us up. Our choices in life are determined by, what people might think about it. But God wants us to break free from this world. It is in our best interest to focus on Heaven and God’s will for our lives. God is our Creator and He knows us inside and out. He has a plan with us, a purpose for our life, that we can only follow if we focus on Him.

At the time when I got this dream, I had just taken a job. God had called me to become a writer, and even though I knew that writing was my purpose, I ignored it and took a job anyway. This was God´s way for me to bring me back to where I need to be.

Maybe you disagree with God’s will for your life. Maybe the job God wants you to take, you feel, is too much for you. I understand that. Many times I feel that this job is too much for me also, but then I am always reminded that God will not allow us to be tested above our abilities. You and me, we might not see it now. But one day we will look back and understand why God chose this path for us. God knows what is best for us, what will make us strong and what will nurture our soul. But it is our choice to follow Him. It is our choice to come to our purpose in life. A purpose God so carefully chose for us, to make us strong and loving people. You can chose to follow the stream of people and have fun, or you can choose to make a difference. It is a choice both you and I have to make.

The next poem is about that dream. I hope it gives you the courage to follow God, your dreams and your purpose in life. God loves you and He only wants what’s best for you, regardless of what other people want you to believe. Follow God, become your purpose and receive true joy and happiness.

The choice

A dancing procession,
sweeps me off my feet.
Jubilant with pleasure,
it takes me through,
the streets of life.

My hesitation is ignored,
and I am forced on a path,
where my feet cannot resist.
Even when my heart,
wants to flee with my soul.

Suddenly I am caught,
by a ray of gold,
showing me a land,
filled with the warmth of peace,
where darkness is no more.

My thirsty heart yearns,
to follow the river of life,
protected by the grass-green hills.
A narrow road,
in a valley of shadows.

Stretching my weakened hand,
I can nearly touch it.
Narrowing my eyes,
I can nearly see God’s throne.
But my choice will be His judgment.

To choose the land,
is wealth for the soul.
To deny the land,
is losing eternity.



Special and loved!

You are special and loved just as you are! You may not realize it yet but I hope you will very soon.

I see it all around me and I even detect it within myself at times. That deep desire of pleasing other people. It happens so easily and you often don’t even realize it. You are at a party and as you are listening to the conversations around you, you can’t help yourself. Before you know it, you are comparing yourself to everyone around you. The lady on the right is thinner than you, the man on the left is funnier, the third has a better job and before you know it, you feel pretty horrible about yourself. Or another scenario. You are trying to find a job and everybody has something to say. Your mom thinks you should find a job as a nurse, your dad thinks you should be a teacher, you brother suggests administration work and before you know it, you are trying to please at least one of them. In one of my previous blogs I talked about becoming your purpose. But how can you find your purpose when you are too afraid to be who you really are?

All we ever want is to be liked! You hear all these amazing stories of the people around you and you feel bad because it is not you. And the media is not very helpful either. They present super skinny people with flawless faces. When you look in the mirror you cannot see the beauty within yourself because you compare yourself to those faces on TV. And it aren’t only teenagers who do this. Adults are the same way. They start dieting and exercising to be thin as well. A little bit of botox here and a small surgery there. And often it swallows them up completely.

A couple of week ago I was in a town in Germany. We had parked the car in a garage and we had to walk a few stairs down. Now you may have noticed it in my picture but I have a lazy eye. When I was four years old, I had a surgery on my right eye to correct a lazy eye and squint. This surgery was apparently so successful that my left eye felt like it had no purpose anymore. Through the years my left eye became lazy.  Because of this eyes condition I cannot see depth. An annoying thing to live with, especially stairs are a nightmare. You see, the stairs often have just one color. For me it looks more like a straight path. I have to look very carefully to see the steps. Often I hold on to the banister and I am okay.
This day I did the same thing. I held on the banister and carefully made my way down the stairs. Two women came from another floor, from the opposite direction. They took one glance at me and burst out laughing. Pointing at me, they made fun of me and even though I have been laughed at quite a bit in my life, it still hurts. My eye problem is not so much a problem to me. I have learned to deal with it, especially when an eye doctor told me that surgery would not make much of a difference anymore, nor would glasses. My sight is normal, the only problem I have is not being able to see depth and I cannot look with both eyes at the same time. I don’t mind that my eyes are the way they are but when people laugh at me, I get very insecure.

We all have issues in our life. Whether it is our weight, our job, our clothes or a visible disability, we get insecure. The world has a certain expectancy. We have to look a certain way, earn a certain amount of money, behave perfectly and our personality has to be picture perfect as well. And it is so sad.

You and me, we are perfect the way we are. God made people in His own image. He made every single human being as a unique masterpiece. We have to learn to stop listening to what the world expects from us. It is time that we discover our own beautiful self within ourself. My eyes may not be perfect and I may be slightly overweight, but I am a beautiful person. I am sweet, kind, caring and joyful. And so are you. I may not be a lawyer, a doctor or a supermodel but I am a writer, send by God. I am good the way I am.

So are you. Stop listening to what people expect from you. The only thing that really matters is what you expect from yourself! God loves you. God thinks you are absolutely stunning the way you are. In God’s eyes you don’t need to be thinner, prettier or better. You are most beautiful when you are your complete self. When we are young it is so difficult to find out who we really are. But if we turn the noise of the world off. If we start looking deep within our own heart and soul, we will discover who we really are. That person that God created you to be is inside yourself, waiting to come out! Allow yourself to be who you really are because that is the place where you will find real joy and happiness.

But is is also the other way around. We can also look at other people and judge them. Because in order to feel good about ourselves, we make the other person a little worse, so we feel a little better. And it is all about insecurity. But you know what, everybody is just as beautiful you. Everybody is worthful because God did not just create you. He created everything and everyone. And when He saw what He had created, He blessed it because it was good (Genesis 1). If we learn to accept and love the people around us and treat them with dignity and respect, the world will be a better place in no time. We cannot change the way the world looks at us, but we can change the way we look at world. A small change is like a ripple effect in water, it becomes bigger and bigger. Finding out who you are and embracing your true self will lead you to your purpose in life. But most of all, embracing your true self will make you a lot happier. People cannot be happy for you, only you can do that for yourself. Be the real you, be happy and don’t forget that God absolutely adores you!

Becoming your purpose

When I started this blog I made the plan to save my newest poetry for later, after I had published my first book. However the manuscript is completely finished and ready to go, I still haven’t found a publisher willing to publish it. So I made a slight change of plans, especially since my latest poetry has been helping me a lot with certain parts of my life. All I ever wanted was to help people and if God helps me, I find it my duty to pass it on to you so it can help you also. Just to see a smile on your face brightens my day.

During my journey with God, after He brought me back to writing at the age of 25, I doubted a lot. In fact I often still do. You wouldn’t think so since I get dreams and visions of God and I talk to Him on a very literal level, but I actually do. Truth is, I don´t get a lot of support inside my family. My mother is my greatest support system and I owe her a lot, but my other family members don’t understand why I dedicate my life to writing. Especially since it does not earn you a great living. And I do understand their point of view. In fact it is exactly that understanding that makes me doubt so much! If writing is my God-given purpose, why then does He make it so hard on me? Why can’t I find a publisher? Why does it take so long for me. to fulfill Jesus request, to publish a book. God’s ways are mysterious and I am left guessing for an answer, but it is in my poetry that I find my greatest answers. My poems are the wisdom, God gives me every day and I could simply not live without it. Writing is the only thing that makes me 100% happy!

In my poems God often tells me to persevere after you found your purpose. You find your purpose in life by searching deep within yourself, to that one thing God gave you. That special gem that makes you unique. Everybody is good at something. Something deep in your heart that has been tickling you for a long time. That one job that has gotten your attention ever since you can remember. Maybe you felt like it was impossible and never pursued it. But that is exactly the problem. We all have a purpose in life but often we are too scared to follow it. We are afraid of the reactions of our loved-ones, financial struggles that may come along with it and the biggest fear is failure. What if it does not work out?

Can I ask you a question?…..What if it does? What if your dream job could be a reality? The question is more…are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to take a risk? Maybe you always wanted to do missionary work. What are you waiting for? If God calls us to our purpose it is our duty to answer that call. We have to try to have faith, that, in contradiction to our fear, it will work out for the good of those who love Jesus. Because when we find our purpose, it is like finding a valuable diamond. You don’t through a ruby in the garbage can, because you don’t know what to do with it, right? The same way, you don’t ignore your purpose in life because you’re afraid of what might happen! Becoming your purpose, is being the unique soul that God created you to be. Honoring God is not just sticking to a list of rules and going to church every sunday. Honoring God is being that unique soul that God created you to be. Being yourself, seen through God’s eyes, is the greatest honor and pleasure that you could ever give back to God!

Find your purpose, praise God for it, and become your purpose!

(This is a poem I wrote this morning, exactly about what I just wrote)

Deep inside the core

 The treasure of a fruit,
is planted deep within the core.
Like diamonds deep underneath the ground,
seeds are saved deep inside the earth,
where they grow endlessly.

Gems are always found inside the shell,
saved from greed they are protected with care.
When one is willing to invest labor,
rewarded is he who doesn’t give up.

No books on earth,
can teach you who you are.
No soul on earth,
can teach you what to do.
No bird in the air,
can teach you how to fly.

To find the diamond within yourself,
you will have to find the seed,
that God planted deep within the core.

To find the seed,
is to find your purpose,
and with the diamond in your hands,
you don’t let go!