The celebration of life!

The days are getting darker,
when the yellow leaves fall down,
in a magical display of art.
The sun illuminates the earth,
with only a few beams of light,
but it is enough to display,
this beautiful painting of life,
blooming in the most beautiful colors.
The smallest details catch my eye,
like a young hedgehog searching,
for shelter in the fresh autumn rain,
or a squirrel searching for food,
that he hides for the coming winter.
Nature provides such inspiration,
especially this time of year,
when the earth is like a canvas,
portraying the most beautiful sights.
I feel the energy of creativity,
flow through my veins like never before,
forcing me to move in directions,
that, in my wildest dreams,
I never dreamed off.
Maybe that is why,
autumn is the season of change,
changing me from the inside out,
while breathing new life into me,
to restore the fragility of my bones,
that strengthen my soul in the light,
I just want to hold on to,
for this brief moment in time.  
With the angels in the yellow leaves,
I cry for the celebration of life!  

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