My eyelids are heavy,
weighted down by the love,
my heart carries around all day,
for everything that you are.
My hand strikes your skin,
and feels the soft hair on your arms,
until I reach your biceps in awe.
It is not your looks,
my dear Adonis,
that captures me so much.
It is the love in your heart,
that kisses my soul,
until it deeply sighs.  
Your soft lips speak,
words of intimate affection,
until the hair on my skin,
stand tall and upright.
It is not lust,
that fills every part of my soul,
but the pure love of your being,
that radiates in the deepest form,
true love can ever take.
It is found in accepting the flaws,
of this rough but striking diamond,
that still has some sharp edges.
It is seeing the beauty,
in something so rare,
that unique cannot define it.
You love every part of me,
as if it the most beautiful,
piece of fine art,
the world has ever seen.
And yet I feel that,
I do not deserve this kind of love,
but with all my heart,
I cannot deny it.
So, I dream in your arms,
of a life I cannot yet see,
and I wait until,
I am brave enough to leave!

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