In Anguish – a Psalm

In Anguish – A Psalm

 In anguish I have called You,
pleading for mercy in front of Your throne.
But Your mind was made up.
Your resolution like a staff,
firm in Your hands.

 Sometimes Your love hurts,
like an embrace during intense grief.
And yet it is to comfort me.

 I wish the rain would trickle down,
and wash all my tears away in the stream.
Now the earthquakes shake up my heart,
awakening the dawn after a tumultuous night.
Will peace ever relief my temple Father?
Will paradise ever be in the palm of my hand?

 Trust is a floating device,
one that I desperately hold on to,
when it feels like I am on a sinking ship.
So I burn a candle for You Father,
to send my prayers up in the smoke,
where You will hear it like a loud call.

 I bow down in humility,
for I am an obedient servant.
Whether or not I am a queen,
I am first of all Your daughter.
Send me Father and I will go.
Speak to me and I will listen.

 My life is Yours alone,
mold me into Your masterpiece.
Let the Heavens rejoice in Your glory,
and worship Your name forever,
for Your plans will never fail,
Your almighty hand will never weaken.

 One day Your children will stand side by side,
united in Your glorious presence Father.
Until then my love will never lessen,
and my soul will only grow stronger in Your light.

Let our dream be our love,
in Yeshua our deepest delight.
And when my anguish has changed into joy,
my identity will shine like the sun,
fulfilling the purpose of Your great plan.
Revealing the loving glory of You,
my Father, my Heart and my Life.

In Your hands I command my spirit.


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