Still waters run deep

The poem ‘Still waters run deep’ is based on the proverb. When I was a teenagers I heard this proverb a lot and not only in connection to me. I think we all have a moment in life where our exterior portraits something entirely different than what our inner being is really feeling. We hide our true feelings or emotions because we don’t want to bother anyone with it, we are ashamed of them or we are to afraid of what people might think about it if we do share it. Either way, we all have moments when we hide our true self. The surface is calm, but underneath that it is a battle. That is exactly what this poem is about. I hope you like it!

Still waters run deep

Along the stream,
joined by the rubble.
I try to fight,
but in vain I struggle.

The nimble stream,
is not to break.
No strength or tide,
no breath I take.

Losing hope.
Not giving up!
What can I do?
I’m looking up.

There at the surface,
in my reliance,
like spotless glass,
it is silence.



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