Daisies in my hair

Daisies in my hair

The needles in a pincushion,
are like a rainbow confetti at a party,
but I need to learn to walk on burning coals.

Happiness has faded into the background,
yet still the sun rises through the window,
setting in a tickling morning glory.
I need to learn to walk between the hedgehogs.

Like a child dancing in the summer rain,
I need to learn to dance the tango,
on a stage where they only dance ballet.

Mirrors seek only a self-approval,
so I need to learn to break the frame.

On a construction site I cannot see the beauty,
I can only see the foundation in the ground.
Brick by brick a castle arises from the dirt,
and it teaches me to pray for patience.

Where the life of a monk teaches to be silent,
the life of a guard teaches to be brave,
but all I need to learn is to have faith.

Breaking the mirrors during the dance,
the red kite dances on the wind of faith,
where hedgehogs surround me in my sight.
And in the rising of the morning sun,
I discover daisies growing in my hair.

Chrysanthemum purple


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