The essence of love

The essence of love

In the essence of love,
hearts can be broken.
In the heart of kindness,
souls can be used.
How do you prevent,
the rain to fall down?
How do you prevent,
the sun to shine?
Nature runs its course,
the human heart its own desires.
How do you stop a bird from flying?

In the essence of love,
tears are shed in pain,
yet also in heartfelt joy.
When two people run a race,
there can only be one winner.
A divided soul is shaped in fear,
a place where questions rule the mind.
The race demands your full attention,
therefore focus only on one thing.
Chose right from wrong,
good from evil,
love from hate,
and your heart will win the race,
your soul will win the prize.

In the essence of love,
every day is valued,
every lesson appreciated,
every question answered.
Those who are willing to listen,
will learn the answers to life’s questions.
Life is like a school,
the human being is its student,
Jesus her loving teacher.
Lessons are not learned in one day,
yet every day provides a piece,
to life’s hardest jigsaw puzzles.

In the essence of love,
love is a precious gift,
shared with the world.
Every life is unique,
valued is every soul,
the earth shelters.
Let not a single judgment,
come across your lips,
nor one accusation,
cross your mind,
for equality rules the human race.
If not even God chooses,
between one and the other,
but loves every living creature,
why then do you dare to choose?

In the essence of love,
life is a shared gift,
a lesson learned,
an emotion felt.
The gift God gives you is life,
the ability to love,
and to share it with the world.
When God is love,
and through the love of Jesus,
you are in God,
then the essence of love,
is to simply live life,
with love.


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