Rediscovering Peace

Rediscovering peace

The wind comes up,
and the clouds hide the sky,
setting in the rain,
when I pray,
for my heart to find peace,
once again.

Like the elements of nature,
my soul switches emotions,
all set in its time.
Uncontrollable is the rain,
unable to hide the sun,
defenseless against the storm.

The bats hide inside the cave,
waiting for the night to set in,
but the night will not provide comfort.

Like a swan facing the world,
on a small turquoise pond,
I allow the purple wisteria flowers,
to caress my skin,
as a gentle act of kindness.

On the wings of the swan,
I fly endless distances,
searching for Divine peace.
But in that small pond of love,
I find my deepest comfort.

In that one moment,
I find Your rest deep within me,
gushing like a waterfall.

After the long years of fighting.
After the many miles of walking.
After all the endless prayers.
Peacefulness trickles,
like oil across my face.
Until my heart rediscovers peace,
in Your arms.



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