Rediscovering Peace

We all have moments where peace is far from us. In these moments of restlessness, we desperately search for something to hold on to. Whether it is our faith, family, a friend, or silence, we all try to find a place to rediscover the peace within us. And even when we have found peace, it can happen that we have to search for it all over again. This poem I want to share with you is about exactly that. Rediscovering peace, even if you had already found it. Life can sometimes become so hectic, stressful and/or difficult that in the process of living life, we can lose the peace within us. This has absolutely nothing to do with our faith, but more with us. In this 24/7 lifestyle we often forget to take a step back and relax. We feel such pressure from the world around us, that we forget that we are only human. Our inability to fix it all, cause us to panic and stress out. We all need a moment to unwind. God didn’t give a sabbath day for His own personal enjoyment. No, He gave us a sabbath day, because He knew that we need rest. We need moments in our life where we rediscover the peace within us. And we can do that in many different ways. First of all, spend time with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the right person to fill you up with peace and love. Aside of enhancing your faith, go outside. Enjoy nature and allow the wind to blow all the stress off of you. Or a hobby maybe. In Holland one of the recent great hypes that I have noticed is,crochet. However I am more into reading, making music, painting, drawing, watching a movie. It is so important to allow our mind and soul a break once in awhile. We are not created to go on and on. We need rest. We need to refuel our soul with love and kindness, so peace can settle deeply within us. And one small break a year is not enough. We have to do it every single day, if possible, or at least once a week. Even if it is just 30 minutes.
A couple of months ago I finished the painting ‘Rediscovering Peace’. This painting was the inspiration behind the poem. And that is exactly the second reason why we need moments of rest. Rest releases inspiration within us. When we calm our soul, God has the best opportunity to work through us. In our moments of rest we are not focussed on our life, family and work, so there is space free for God. And we need God. We need God in every fiber of our being. His love is the best fuel for our soul and without it, we would run dry. Take a moment to drink from the Living Water, so the thirst of your soul will be quenched. And do it regularly!

This is the painting called ‘Rediscovering Peace’. And below is the poem that was inspired by the painting.


Rediscovering peace

The wind comes up,
and the clouds hide the sky,
setting in the rain,
when I pray,
for my heart to find peace,
once again.

Like the elements of nature,
my soul switches emotions,
all set in its time.
Uncontrollable is the rain,
unable to hide the sun,
defenseless against the storm.

The bats hide inside the cave,
waiting for the night to set in,
but the night will not provide comfort.

Like a swan facing the world,
on a small turquoise pond,
I allow the purple wisteria flowers,
to caress my skin,
as a gentle act of kindness.

On the wings of the swan,
I fly endless distances,
searching for Divine peace.
But in that small pond of love,
I find my deepest comfort.

In that one moment,
I find Your rest deep within me,
gushing like a waterfall.

After the long years of fighting.
After the many miles of walking.
After all the endless prayers.
Peacefulness trickles,
like oil across my face.
Until my heart rediscovers peace,
in Your arms.



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