The Choice

A few years ago God gave me a dreams about my choice in life. Before this dream I always tended to feel an obligation, to do everything other people were telling me. If someone close to me would point out a certain job, I would feel obligated to apply for it. It didn’t matter whether I would like the job or if it was God’s will for my life. If people had an opinion I felt forced, in a way, to obey them. Maybe this sounds silly to you, but believe it or not, many people feel this way. Especially young people. Dad says, “Become a lawyer”, and they become a lawyer. Why? Because we, humans, feel a certain responsibility towards our family. They raised us, so they must know what is best for us. But when are we going to listen to our own heart? In the process of being obedient children for our parents, when are we going to follow our own dreams?

We can certainly not blame our parents for that! Well, in some cases, maybe you can. But generally speaking you cannot. It is a lack of our own courage, I think, to break free from our imagined obligations, and become who we were always supposed to be. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I think it is a certain amount of fear stopping us. A fear of not being loved if we choose our own path instead of our parents. A fear of not being able to live up to the expectations others have of us. A fear of failure. A fear of not being able to accomplish something. The fear of letting people down. The fear of being ridiculed. Or maybe a combination of them all. What is really stopping us in pursuing our dreams and purpose? Why do we let the world hold us back?

The dreams God gave me were about exactly this. His question to me was, “Why do you let the world hold you back? Why don’t break free from  the world’s expectations”? With this dream God asked me to break free, in order to follow His will for my life. An intense journey that I am still fighting for. We allow the world to determine our choices in life. We are too afraid to be different.

In our fear of being different we allow the world to swallow us up. Our choices in life are determined by, what people might think about it. But God wants us to break free from this world. It is in our best interest to focus on Heaven and God’s will for our lives. God is our Creator and He knows us inside and out. He has a plan with us, a purpose for our life, that we can only follow if we focus on Him.

At the time when I got this dream, I had just taken a job. God had called me to become a writer, and even though I knew that writing was my purpose, I ignored it and took a job anyway. This was God´s way for me to bring me back to where I need to be.

Maybe you disagree with God’s will for your life. Maybe the job God wants you to take, you feel, is too much for you. I understand that. Many times I feel that this job is too much for me also, but then I am always reminded that God will not allow us to be tested above our abilities. You and me, we might not see it now. But one day we will look back and understand why God chose this path for us. God knows what is best for us, what will make us strong and what will nurture our soul. But it is our choice to follow Him. It is our choice to come to our purpose in life. A purpose God so carefully chose for us, to make us strong and loving people. You can chose to follow the stream of people and have fun, or you can choose to make a difference. It is a choice both you and I have to make.

The next poem is about that dream. I hope it gives you the courage to follow God, your dreams and your purpose in life. God loves you and He only wants what’s best for you, regardless of what other people want you to believe. Follow God, become your purpose and receive true joy and happiness.

The choice

A dancing procession,
sweeps me off my feet.
Jubilant with pleasure,
it takes me through,
the streets of life.

My hesitation is ignored,
and I am forced on a path,
where my feet cannot resist.
Even when my heart,
wants to flee with my soul.

Suddenly I am caught,
by a ray of gold,
showing me a land,
filled with the warmth of peace,
where darkness is no more.

My thirsty heart yearns,
to follow the river of life,
protected by the grass-green hills.
A narrow road,
in a valley of shadows.

Stretching my weakened hand,
I can nearly touch it.
Narrowing my eyes,
I can nearly see God’s throne.
But my choice will be His judgment.

To choose the land,
is wealth for the soul.
To deny the land,
is losing eternity.



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