Remembering Heaven!

In the summer of 2015 I was on holiday in Austria, in a small town close to Innsbruck. This one day we were visiting Innsbruck and as we were walking through the main shopping street, we saw the famous swarovski shop. Knowing that the prices would be far out of our budget, we did not enter the shop but remained outside gazing at the window. Here in this window,  I noticed this huge swarovski diamond. A large round diamond, as large as a soccer ball. As I was looking at this diamond, I froze and said to myself, “Hey this is what Abba’s house looks like! Exactly this”! I didn’t say God’s house but I consciously called God; Abba! A word I hadn’t used before. Before that moment I usually called God; Father.
In an instant I saw God’s palace, in Heaven, in front of my eyes. It felt like a combination between a vision and a memory. I strongly felt as if I had been there before and I could vividly remember what it was like. As I was remembering Heaven, words came flushing through my heart and soul. I remembered every hall, stair and step. Every window I ever looked through. And the throne room of God. The Father’s throne in the middle, Jesus on His right and another throne on His left. On the left hand of God further away were 12 thrones that seated the twelve tribes of Israel. On the right hand of God also further away were 12 thrones that seated the twelve disciples of Jesus. I remembered the gold but also glass like material. I remembered light, love, joy and wisdom shining like a scented aroma throne the palace.
As soon as I came back to the campsite where we were staying, in a state of pure joy and excitement, I grabbed pen and paper and wrote a poem, in order to remember my memory.
Now I have to tell you that I never had a near death experience or anything like that. Yes God had talked to me before but never in His own house! There is no way I can remember Heaven unless I was actually there once. In the past I had a surgery when I was four years old, on my eyes, which I still vividly remember. But I didn’t have a near-death experience then. Things just went black and it was like falling asleep and waking up later. Before the age of three I cannot remember anything at all. And after the age of four I haven’t been in the hospital again. At least not for a surgery.
Even though I never had a near death experience, this was not a typical vision either, since I had those as well. I know the difference. Furthermore I was awake, standing on both my feet, with my eyes wide open, so it was not a dream either. I somehow just remembered!
In my heart I believe God was allowing me to remember this, so I could write this poem and share a little piece of Heaven with you. I can tell you that Heaven is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine. Every image you ever created in your own mind fades away by how beautiful Heaven really is. Sometimes I deeply long to go back there just to breath in the fresh air of love, kindness, joy and music! All I want to say is, that it is a place you want to be. And all you have to do to get there, is believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, who died on the cross and rose from the dead after three days. And I guarantee you that it is worth it!
Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the diamond. I was so stunned to see a piece of Heaven, or at least a reminder of Heaven, here on on earth that I completely forgot. But this poem is a memory of Heaven that allows me to go back every time I want to. When I read these words I find myself back in those hallways, walking around in God’s own house that I lovingly called; the Crystal Palace. And I hope it will do the same for you. I hope this poem will allow you to visit Heaven, dream about it, but most of long for it! And one day I hope to see you there!

Here is the poem I wrote;

The Crystal Palace

All the diamonds in the World,
cannot describe,
the house of my Father.
But when I look,
deep into the core,
of a large and crystal diamond,
I am suddenly reminded of Home.

The glass reflects the pure soul,
in a million different colors.
The many different angles,
show what’s deep within the heart,
reflecting the Light,
to all the corners of eternity.

Perfect unstained walls,
echo the joyous sounds,
to relive every moment,
filled with the love of the Light.
And every hall, stair and step,
lead to the throne of my Father,
who fills the house,
with joy, love, light and wisdom.

The house is in the diamond,
but even the diamond is too small,
unworthy to reveal it all.
But if my home is in my heart,
then my heart is in the home,
of the Crystal Palace.


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