Becoming your purpose

When I started this blog I made the plan to save my newest poetry for later, after I had published my first book. However the manuscript is completely finished and ready to go, I still haven’t found a publisher willing to publish it. So I made a slight change of plans, especially since my latest poetry has been helping me a lot with certain parts of my life. All I ever wanted was to help people and if God helps me, I find it my duty to pass it on to you so it can help you also. Just to see a smile on your face brightens my day.

During my journey with God, after He brought me back to writing at the age of 25, I doubted a lot. In fact I often still do. You wouldn’t think so since I get dreams and visions of God and I talk to Him on a very literal level, but I actually do. Truth is, I don´t get a lot of support inside my family. My mother is my greatest support system and I owe her a lot, but my other family members don’t understand why I dedicate my life to writing. Especially since it does not earn you a great living. And I do understand their point of view. In fact it is exactly that understanding that makes me doubt so much! If writing is my God-given purpose, why then does He make it so hard on me? Why can’t I find a publisher? Why does it take so long for me. to fulfill Jesus request, to publish a book. God’s ways are mysterious and I am left guessing for an answer, but it is in my poetry that I find my greatest answers. My poems are the wisdom, God gives me every day and I could simply not live without it. Writing is the only thing that makes me 100% happy!

In my poems God often tells me to persevere after you found your purpose. You find your purpose in life by searching deep within yourself, to that one thing God gave you. That special gem that makes you unique. Everybody is good at something. Something deep in your heart that has been tickling you for a long time. That one job that has gotten your attention ever since you can remember. Maybe you felt like it was impossible and never pursued it. But that is exactly the problem. We all have a purpose in life but often we are too scared to follow it. We are afraid of the reactions of our loved-ones, financial struggles that may come along with it and the biggest fear is failure. What if it does not work out?

Can I ask you a question?…..What if it does? What if your dream job could be a reality? The question is more…are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to take a risk? Maybe you always wanted to do missionary work. What are you waiting for? If God calls us to our purpose it is our duty to answer that call. We have to try to have faith, that, in contradiction to our fear, it will work out for the good of those who love Jesus. Because when we find our purpose, it is like finding a valuable diamond. You don’t through a ruby in the garbage can, because you don’t know what to do with it, right? The same way, you don’t ignore your purpose in life because you’re afraid of what might happen! Becoming your purpose, is being the unique soul that God created you to be. Honoring God is not just sticking to a list of rules and going to church every sunday. Honoring God is being that unique soul that God created you to be. Being yourself, seen through God’s eyes, is the greatest honor and pleasure that you could ever give back to God!

Find your purpose, praise God for it, and become your purpose!

(This is a poem I wrote this morning, exactly about what I just wrote)

Deep inside the core

 The treasure of a fruit,
is planted deep within the core.
Like diamonds deep underneath the ground,
seeds are saved deep inside the earth,
where they grow endlessly.

Gems are always found inside the shell,
saved from greed they are protected with care.
When one is willing to invest labor,
rewarded is he who doesn’t give up.

No books on earth,
can teach you who you are.
No soul on earth,
can teach you what to do.
No bird in the air,
can teach you how to fly.

To find the diamond within yourself,
you will have to find the seed,
that God planted deep within the core.

To find the seed,
is to find your purpose,
and with the diamond in your hands,
you don’t let go!


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